Founder and CEO

Jeffrey E. Murphy, BS. BBA. MSci. is the Founder and President of RPH (Recession Proof Holdings, LLC) America, a Family Office and qualified (non-banking) Holding Company. 

Before establishing RPH, Jeffrey excelled in the financial markets working on Wall Street with a Fortune 100 Financial Company SEC certified through NASDAQ, holding series 6, 7, 63, Life & Health accreditations, holding the Certified Financial Advisor (CFA), and Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designations.  

Jeffrey also established himself as a diversified investor by developing a non-passive Real Estate portfolio, followed by traditional market-based portfolios.  His ideas started to command attention and he then offered his services to others through personalized consulting services (RPH Consulting). 

Educated at a public University (University of Illinois) and always focused on his Community and Country, Jeffrey established Recession Proof Holdings Foundation for Military and Veterans Affairs (RPHFMVA). RPHFMVA is a 501 (C)(3) Charitable Non-Profit Organization that provides services for both Military Service Members and honorably discharged former Military Service Members, and their qualified dependents. RPHFMVA also provides Grants to other Charitable Non-profits who share the same community commitments.

Jeffrey is a public speaker and visionary for the organization and vests 100% of his time towards the benefit of the organization. Thereby, Jeffrey serves as President of Recession Proof Holdings and CEO of RPH's Subsidiaries, (Murphy Properties, RPH Consulting, and RPH Foundation). 

The Company's background in Investment and Business Management, along with 20+ years of real estate, consulting, and governance experience makes Recession Proof Holdings the quintessential Holding Company for business.

We Are a Qualified Limited Liability Investment Holding Company

Over 20 Years’ Experience In Real Estate, As a Certified Investor, Consultant Firm, Marketer and Brand

Our Vision

"Our vision is to contribute to the sustainable development of the North American economies by building market-leading businesses through our focused approach and continuous enhancement of our shareholders' value."

Mission Statement

"Our mission is to emerge as the premier investment holding company focusing on the North American region.  We draw on our strong team experience and the network of our principal investors to generate superior returns for our stakeholders, thereby contributing to the sustainable development of the North American economies."

Corporate Values

"We strongly believe that our return on values "ROV" is directly linked to our revenue growth. Hence, we are committed to fostering corporate values that influence growth and deliver significant long-term value to our shareholders, partners, and team."

Philanthropy consists of "private initiatives, for the public good, focusing on the quality of life". Philanthropy contrasts with business initiatives, which are private initiatives for private good, focusing on material gain, and with government endeavors, which are public initiatives for the public good, e.g., focusing on the provision of public services.

Philanthropy is different from charity, though there is some overlap. The charity aims to relieve the pain of a particular social problem, whereas philanthropy attempts to address the root cause of the problem.

Recession Proof Holdings has philanthropy built-in. Giving consideration for tax implications, we ensure we are responsibly interacting with select community-based organizations, creating local employment, and offsetting taxes.

RPH provides Governance to Recession Proof Holdings' Foundation for Military and Veterans Affairs. With the sole purpose of being Socially Responsible. We strive to maintain responsible advocacy for the betterment of our generation and the next. With this philosophy, our footprint and legacy is one mission to maintain and emphasize trustworthy, responsible business relations with our communities. 

 What We Do

Recession Proof Holdings, LLC is a registered FCC and FAA company offering business opportunities for investors striving to improve their cash flow with limited liability financial options. Our wide array of financial opportunities includes property investing, property management, business services, and employment development opportunities.

Recession Proof Holdings delivers solutions to investors and businesses without the headache of exorbitant potential risks with a competitive pricing structure.

Our consulting team will help maintain a healthy work culture which in turn equals productivity. We offer independent coaching, as well as group (workgroup) presentations.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, property manager, financial investor, or marketer, Recession Proof Holdings will improve your cash flow through our holding company consisting of viable and profitable independent businesses.

Illinois' Holding, Consulting, and Prime Real Estate Company

RPH offers Personal and Business Consulting. Our network of professionals is perfect for those looking to build and sustain your business whether established or in the planning stages, become viable and profitable organizations or not-for-profit. Our associates are Certified Professional Life Coaches (CPLC), Certified Professional Recovery Coaches (CPRC), Certified Executive Leadership Coaches (CELC), and Certified Master Business Coaches (CMBC).  Invest in yourself and/or your business.

RPH also holds subsidiary companies, specializing in Real Estate, Finance, Consulting, and Non-Profit Governance. 

See what RPH can do for you and your company or idea! Contact us for an individualized consultation. For information on the business status of RPH, please contact The Illinois Secretary of State, Business Services.

Recession Proof Holdings, LLC is based out of Westchester, IL. USA, just minutes from Downtown Chicago.